PK Models has been established since 1979 and has become one of the UK’s leading Child Model Agencies. We have a fantastic reputation within the industry and with our Models, which we put down to our excellent customer service, professionalism and dedication.

    We are a government regulated agency and fully compliant with all current and relevant legislations. We work along side local councils to issue working licences. We are also a member of the National Network for Children in Employment & Entertainment.


How Do I apply to join PK Models?

You will need to apply via our website by clicking on the ‘become a model’ link at the bottom of the page. We do not accept postal, Facebook or email applications. All applicants receive a response, please expect around a 30 days wait time.


Do I need a Portfolio?

You do not need a portfolio in order to apply for a child model agency. Many companies claim to prepare models for the industry, and provide very expensive portfolios. We receive many calls from parents who have spent hundreds, even thousands on model portfolios, websites and ZCards. These are NOT model agencies, any reputable agency will insist on meeting all potential models before signing them.


What is the process to become a PK Model?

After submitting your online application form, the response time can take up to 30 days. If we feel your child has a look our clients may be interested in, you will be invited to attend a casting at the agency.


What is a Casting?

A casting is a chance for us to meet the potential model and assess their temperament/character/look in person (like a job interview) We will take a couple of snapshots in the casting to see if your child can take direction and for our reference. If you have any questions regarding the agency, please use the casting as time to ask these questions, and familiarise yourself with the agency and industry.


Do you Invite everyone to a casting?

Every application is assessed and a decision is made. If we feel your child meets our current client specifications you will be invited to a casting.


What happens if accepted after the casting?

Once accepted onto the books, the child receives free representation with PK Models, which lasts until they turn 18 years old (providing T&C’s are adhered to) In order to start the childs representation in full, we require you to book in for one of our photographic sessions.


What is included in PK Models Representation?

  • PK Models offers FREE representation which lasts until they turn 18 (T&C’s permitting)

  • Website inclusion - online profile

  • A FREE compulsory 6 weeks model course at our Model School - Saturdays (3years +)

  • In house website shoot, Includes 8 Images* high res, including copyright to allow you to

    print (up to A4) and use on social media

  • passport photos for the agency to use for licences

  • 50% off all future website shoots

    * 8 Images are based on your child’s temperament on the day


What is PK Model School, and whats included in our free course?

The model courses are held on Saturdays and open to all, and help build confidence, poise, and musicality through catwalk based lessons. The course will also include a lesson in photographic modelling. Our models will learn what is expected from them in a choreographed fashion show, whilst building confidence and practicing their posing and performance skills. At the end of the course, on the last lesson the pupils will showcase to friends/ family what they have learnt. Not only are these skills essential for a young model, but the classes also offer a great hobby to make friends and also provide great grounding for the years ahead.


When is the free Model Course?

New course dates start every couple of months on a Saturday.

3-6 years: Saturday 2:30-3:00pm

7-9 years: Saturday 3:00-3:45pm

10-17 years: Saturday 3:45-4:45pm


How much are the classes in PK Model school?

If your child enjoys their free course with us, and would like to enrol into the model school, the prices are as follows:

3-6 years (30 minute class): £3.50

7-9 years (45 minute class): £4.50

10-17 years (1 hour class): £5.50


What does PK Models portfolio cost?

Representation by PK Models is FREE, however we do require professional images to represent the models on our books. This is why we have our own in house photographer, studio based in Kirkby Mallory Leicester, in order to keep costs down (extremely reasonable in comparison to other agencies) for our models and ensure our website is kept at a professional standard. The cost of our photographic Session is £95 for New PK Models. All future photographic Sessions are offered at a 50% discount.


What is included in my £95 portfolio?

Our all female team will guide you through the photographic experience session and ensure that we capture the relevant images to represent all models to their full potential. The overall session takes one hour. We take approximately 60 images during a 20 minute shoot against different backdrops, white, cream and yellow with a range of outfits and with various props/toys. At the end of the shoot, with guidance and advice from a member of PK Models, you will then choose your top 8 Digital Images (high res. copyright to print up to A4) for the agency to use as their portfolio, and for you to keep. Snacks and refreshments are provided.


Do I need to book a PK Portfolio?

Yes, we do not accept photos/portfolios from an outsourced photographer. Julie Moult is PK’s in house photographer, and over the years built a fantastic relationship with our models, parents and clients. We understand what is needed for a model portfolio, and being on the shoots, ensure that these images are captured. Providing photographic sessions enables us to offer them at such a low cost to our models, and not the hundreds/thousands of pounds others charge! We provide portfolios to ensure our website is kept to a professional standard (which clients praise us on) and give all models equal opportunity.


Portfolio Example 

How many times does the portfolio need to be updated?

Due to our clients recent demand for up to date photos, we state in our T&C’s that updates must be booked once a year minimum. We offer updates to PK Models at a 50% discount. It is imperative that a models portfolio is a true representation of the current child’s look. If a child was to turn up to a booking and not look like their images, it would be wasting the clients time, not only would you be sent home unpaid, but the agency could loose the client indefinitely.


Can we join other agencies?

PK Models is not an exclusive agency. This means, providing the agency is not within a 10 mile radius of Leicester, we are happy for you to join any other model agency. Although please inform us if you will be applying to other agencies as we will happily advise on which agencies to apply to. We do have a conflict of interest if joining certain agencies as we do share clients.


How often can my child expect to get work?

The amount of work a child can be put forwards for is dependant on many factors. It is important to understand that the decision lies with the client and with the agency to which child is chosen. Therefore, no agency can guarantee work, and any who do should be avoided. Some models are very successful and booked regularly, some occasional and some may not be so lucky. We do however push all models equally, and submit all models who match the relevant briefs.


What happens if I don’t hear from you straight away?

This does not mean your child is not or wont be successful. Please just be patient with your agent, we are actively promoting the models on our books, but due to our busy office, we cannot contact parents on every opportunity. This is because in the first instance it could be a possible booking and fall through. We will only contact you if we need specific details, arrange a casting or you are booked directly from your portfolio.


How much do they earn?

Average Rates are as follows:

Fittings:£10 per hour

TV Commercials:£100 + 

Photographic:£30 per hour - £90 half day - £150 full day

Fashion Shows:£50 rehearsals - £100 shows

Additional usage may apply to certain bookings, dependant on the client and the territory. Travel is not always provided, this will always be stated on your booking confirmation.


What commission does the agency take?

All above rates are to the model, the agency does not take commission off the models rate. Our fees are charged directly from the client, this allows the models rate to stay unaffected even if the clients budget is low.