Child Terms and Conditions

A. Definition

PK Models, Performers & School Terms & Conditions

Model/ Model & Performer: Any individual to whom the agency provides services – please see below for a breakdown. For children under 16 “model/performer” refers to the parent/ guardian who is to act on the model’s behalf.

Model: Represented solely for modelling assignments to include photographic, fitting and catwalk. Representing children 0-18 years.

Model & Performer: Represented as both a Model and a Performer. This includes all the services for the model plus feature films, west end musicals, tv dramas and commercials. Children aged 4+ can apply for representation as a Model & Performer.

1. Model/ Model & Performer

  • 1.1 Model/ Model & Performers hired to work by our agency are contracted to work on a self employed basis.
  • 1.2 Model/ Model & Performers are contracted on a non exclusive basis and with permission from the agency free to join agencies outside of a 10 mile radius.
  • 1.3 Direct contact with the client is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate termination and possible legal action.
  • 1.4 Any change to the models appearance or size must be updated with the agency, regarding new images (please see 5.1)
  • 1.5 Measurements must be updated with the agency on a regular basis and/or when requested or any changes occur.
    Measurements are to be received via the online portal. When the model is added to the website a unique login is emailed to you.
  • Recommended measurement updates:
    0-10 years: January – April – July – October 11+ years: January – July Reminders will be sent throughout the year.
  • 1.6 Failure to comply to 1.4 & 1.5 may result in website representation temporarily terminated until update is completed, or termination in full.

2. Agency

2.1 The agency undertakes to act on the models behalf regarding the organising of client bookings.

2.2 The agency is authorised to accept monies from the client/hirer on behalf of the model.

2.3 Agency fee’s are charged direct to the client and not taken from the models rate as commission.

2.4 The Agency will represent models via website representation providing they obtain a website portfolio. (please see section 5)

2.5 PK are part of Spotlight which the Model & Performers have the option to join for £100 (including VAT) for a years representation.

2.5.1 Spotlight features profiles for young performers from the UK’s leading
agencies and theatre schools. Young performers can join any time after their 4th birthday. The full amount of £100 goes to Spotlight.

3. Representation

3.1 PK’s contract includes free representation as either a Model or a Model & Performer.

3.1.1 Minimum of 1 year representation and maximum until they turn 18 years of age. Providing a model course is completed ages 4+ (3.5 and 8) and portfolio
is updated yearly (5.6)

3.2 The agency will evaluate the model yearly: Current appearance/temperament/ measurements.

3.3 No termination period is required from the model for terminating. The agency has a one year period (3.1.1) after which no termination period is required.

3.4 A breach of these terms will void section 3.1 and result in immediate termination.

3.5 Compulsory – Free course, for ages 4 years and over (See 8.1 for further details)

3.6 Representation offer is only valid for 30 days, booking your photographic session must be completed within 30 days otherwise offer is terminated and reapplication would be required.

4. Website

4.1 For website representation, our page is open to the public with the models full name visible unless otherwise agreed.
Age will be displayed on profile as years and months e.g.. 2 yrs 2 mths.

4.2 Models representation includes free website representation.

4.3 Search Engines (Google etc.) search websites and display content on their pages. Profiles and Images will be live on the World Wide Web. When removed from our website, images may still be visible for an indefinite period until the memory ceases to exist.

5. Portfolios – Jules Photography

5.1 Website portfolio’s are compulsory for website representation and provided via Jules Photography (Julie Moult) charged at £100 for Models and £150 for Model & Performer. Registered PK Models & Performers receive a discount and the cost for updates are £50.

5.1.1 Portfolios take place at ‘Jules Photography’ studio: Kirkby Moats Farm, 14 Newbold Road, Kirkby Mallory, Leicester, LE9 7QG

5.1.2 This service is provided by Jules Photography. All monies are paid directly to Julie Moult for her services.

5.2 Model Portfolio’s include 8 high res Images in colour to use as you wish except for other agencies. These include copyright to print up to A4. Model & Performer Portfolio’s also include their acting portfolio, the 8 Images in B&W. Images are provided dependant on the models performance on the day.

5.3 A booking fee of £40 is taken in order to secure your chosen photographic session. This is non refundable. The remainder is payable on the day of the session prior to session commencement.

5.4 Portfolio Cancellations must be made with no less than 48 hours notice prior to the booking commencement. With notice the booking fee will be transferred over to the next photographic session, provided it is booked within 30 days of cancellation. Only one transfer of booking fee is permitted. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice, or no shows will loose the booking fee and may result in the cancellation of PK Models Representation Offer/Representation (see 5.5 & 5.6)

5.5 This booking between Jules Photography and the model is confirmed once the booking fee of £40 has been paid. At the time the booking is confirmed, Jules Photography shall reserve the date and time agreed upon, and not make any other reservations or accept any other models for said date and time. For this reason, in the event that the model cancels the date with less than 48 hours notice for any reason, all booking fee monies paid shall be retained by Jules Photography in order to offset the loss of business.

5.6 Please note you are paying for a time slot, if your child refuses to have their photo taken and the 8 images are not achieved (5.2) the full balance is non refundable as the service has already been provided.

5.7 Website Portfolio’s must be updated once a year minimum with Jules Photography. Failure to update images will result in the Agency terminating website representation (please see 1.4)

5.8 The 8 images chosen by the agency are the final 8 images which PK Models use for the portfolio. The 8 images cannot be changed. Certain circumstances can result in a change of chosen images.

5.9 Images are received via dropbox link to your email two weeks after the shoot. The 8 chosen images are then used to represent the models on our website (4) and will be live around two weeks after the shoot.

5.10 You will have the choice prior to the shoot to have extra images for your portfolio. The portfolio packages include 12 images or 16 images for an additional fee.

6. Bookings

6.1 Written communication with the model will be made on all assignments to include job specification and fee. Written confirmation will be sent prior to assignment.

6.2 Any complaints will have to be investigated and appropriate action taken at the time.

6.3 The agency will not be held responsible for a models behaviour or conduct during an assignment. Therefore will not be held liable for any costs, expenditures or losses suffered as a consequence.

6.4 Model/Performers should expect a 3 month window from date of booking to receiving monies.

6.4.1 Payment should not be chased until 60 days past booking date. Booking references must be provided in order to check payment status.

6.5 Reimbursement for loss or damage to clients property caused by the model will be deducted from the models fee prior to payment.

6.6 Castings may be required before a client confirms a booking. Castings are unpaid, unless otherwise agreed.

6.7 Any Images taken during a booking are copyrighted to the client and do not belong to the model. The client may use the images for any agreed advertising.

6.8 Please always let the agency know your finish time. Without this information, we are unable to invoice correctly for any overtime.

7. Rates

7.1 Average rates payable on child photographic/video work unless otherwise agreed are:

£30 per hour
£90 per half day (4 hours) £150 per full day (8 hours)

7.2 Minimum rates payable on fashion Show modelling: £50 per day £10 per hour (rehearsals and fittings) £40 per day (rehearsals and fittings)

7.3 Additional usage may apply to certain bookings, dependant on the client and the territory. Travel is not always provided, this will always be stated on your booking confirmation if it is included.

8. PK Model/Performers School (4 years +)

8.1 The free course/s will be allocated on the next available course when joining the agency.

The course is compulsory, as it is a positive addition to the child’s representation.

8.1.1 The Model Course for Model only representation includes four weeks of model classes.

8.1.2 The Performing Course is in addition to the model course when represented as a Model & Performer. Course includes four weeks in the performance classes.

8.1.3 Cancellations with less than 1 weeks notice or no shows for the free model school course is non transferrable.

8.1.4 50% (3 lessons) must be completed for representation

8.1.5 Attendance of less than 50% will result in termination of PK Representation. Unless another course is booked (at cost)

8.1.6 Models under 4 redeem the free model course upon turning 4. This is compulsory, no course completion will end their representation.

8.2 During the Covid-19 restrictions we cannot offer the free course. Courses will be held and offered as and when it is safe for us to open the studio.

8.3 Any classes taking place in the studio will have a strict 1m social distancing policy. No parents are allowed into the building and hand sanitiser to be applied at the door.

9. Covid Risk Assessment for shoots

9.1 Ask people to wait outdoors/in cars until we are ready: structure the scheduling to avoid contact and overlap. You will receive a phone call when we are ready for you to enter the building.

9.2 Please do not attend if you have the following:
High temperature (This will be taken by a member of the team)

A new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you’ve noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

9.3 Non contact temperature of both adult and child will be taken on arrival to the studio. Temperature must be below 37.5 c to be permitted access.

9.4 Hand sanitiser provided on entrance to studio and on departure and as required during the shoot.

9.5 Just 1 adult with each child allowed in the building. The photographic team is limited to Jules (photographer) and Assistant.

9.6 Adult and child to wear a mask – child can remove mask for their photos. The photographic team will wear a mask and gloves throughout.

9.7 2m distance to be kept throughout the session. Parent/chaperone will be the only one permitted to adjust clothing and hair. The team may ask this of you during the shoot. Also If the child needs any assistant in getting in to position or extra help with smiles. The adult allocated on the shoot needs to be reasonably fit and definitely mobile as may potentially involve getting up and down from the floor.

9.8 Time slots have a ten minute space between to allow time for no cross over and to disinfect surfaces. This means time keeping is even more important than usual. Any late arrivals will only have until the end of their time slot.

9.9 For jobs an individual risk assessment will be sent from the clients. However will be a similar process to PK Models.

9.10 During the Covid outbreak councils are making assessments for licensing the children on a job to job basis and looking at the risks involved. This may mean certain jobs will be declined by your local council of they do not deem the ob safe to take place.